Social Curation

“Creating a Strategy for Content.”

In today’s business, social media is used to market products, promote brands, and connect to existing customers to foster new business. In essence, today’s social media is the equivalent of a shotgun blast of purpose covering a generic expanse of customers.

But the growing demands of customers combined with the high proliferation of social media sites and abundance of information on the Internet, makes engaging and retaining customers more and more difficult. Instead, for businesses to remain relevant and competitive, social media has to deliver a customer experience that provides value for the individual.

Enter social curation, the next wave of social media that evolves placid interaction into a multimodal, customized and personalized social relationship.

Whereas content curation provides information for use by those who find it useful, social curation puts information to use in channels where it’s most appreciated and effective.

eSimon further enhances social curation through the customer engagement architecture it constructs, the tools it uses for amplifying the reach of content, and the built-in analytics it provides for “content owners” to better measure

and manage performance. Data analytics also serve to provide a more responsive and predictive experience for the individual.

eSimon further enhances a company’s online social objectives by providing transactional features that allow businesses to convert interests they cultivate, into purchase. Shoppe’s are used to present and promote products, services and digital offers into customer engagement and sales.

eSimon is built to take the complexity out of entering the Digital Economy, and provide valuable data-driven insights for companies who care about their customers!

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Customer Engagement
Customer engagement means aligning your organization, content, channels and tools to engage the customer

Transactional Conversion
Now that you’ve captured the consumer’s attention, convert them to a customer

The key to understanding the impact your actions and content are having is to understand the behaviors of your visitors.

Through eSimon, comprehensive data reports are available at your fingertips so you’re able to analyze, understand, and interpret how your business is doing, both in social engagement and transactions. Monitor the viability of an online initiative, measure the ROI for a marketing campaign or build a business case for a new venture.

Using social engagement and eCommerce data, business owners can now create a richer and more personalized experience for their visitors – targeting the content and actions that turn browsers into customers.

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