Creating a customer journey

A Customer Journey is an aid to motivate and facilitate customers interaction with a brand or company. eSimon creates an engaging and interactive journey through the following elements:

>> You begin by creating a Story Line, the purpose of the journey, which then determines the elements that will be used to convey the message and engage the audience. Channels are segmentation of customers based on interests, priority, communication, and a host of other needs. There are three options for segmentation, by default, all communications are open to the general public but Private and Sector allow control and management of participation and visibility.

>> Posts are in the form of text, image, or video used in building the story line.

>> Polls are engagement aids. They’re great for a number of uses including gathering feedback, capturing attention, and generally engaging with followers.

>> Events, like polls, are an aid for engaging with an audience. They can be used for organizing and managing physical or online events. Once they’re issued, they become a communication channel to the followers allowing the client to create dialogue around the event, even before the event takes place.

>> Sharing to other social sites allow content (Cards) to be shared to more than 130 popular social sites. Content shared to other platforms brings the viewer to eSimon so that they consume on eSimon, building a following and providing valuable customer data.

>> Conversion is the ability to introduce transactional opportunity into the conversation. Transactional opportunities can either be conversations or through an eBusiness Shoppe.

>> Analytics provide valuable insight into a number of metrics such as reach, engagement, and which activities ultimately help the bottom line. Data sets are gathered for the entire journey; from engagement to advocacy including the all important conversion.

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